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China PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line manufacturer

4000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Chuzhou China
Brand Name: Chuzhou HH non-woven
Certification: CE
Model Number: 2.4 sms
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: For detailed talk
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: For detailed talk

Detail Information

Cargo: 4 M Sms Pp Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line Raw Material: PP Polypropylene
After Sales Servie: Free Spare Parts Width: 4000 4800 Mm
Speed: 600 M / Min Annual Output: 5000 - 15000 Ton
Transport Package: Sea Worthy Packing Core Component: Engine PLC Gear Box
High Light:

4000mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line


4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line


4000mm spunbond nonwoven machine

Product Description

SMS PP Meltdown smms smmss Fabric Extruder Making Machine PP Spunbond nonwoven production line


Product Description

The resin chips are fed into the screw extruder, heated and melted, and then extruded from the extrusion port. The molten polymer at the die outlet is impacted at high speed. At the same time, the cold air blown from both sides of the mold cools and solidifies the fibers to form ultrafine short fibers. Under the action of air flow, these short fibers gather on the fiber collection device to form a net or fiber core. Melt blown process is a step from thermoplastic resin chip to fiber mesh belt (cloth / core tube). Therefore, the process is short, the product is formed in one step and the production efficiency is high. By adjusting the combination of melt blown process, different fiber structures (such as fiber diameter (0.5 ~ 3um), mesh size, etc.) can be obtained. Melt blown process is applicable to a variety of raw materials and processing a variety of materials, such as polypropylene, polyester, nylon, etc. At present, polypropylene materials account for more than 95%



Technical parameter


Model No Working Width Fabric GSM Power Input Consumption Annual Output Embossing pattern
HH-1600SMS 1600mm 15-250 1200KVA 800KW 3500T Diamond, Oval
HH-2400SMS 2400mm 15-250 1600KVA 1200KW 5000T Diamond, Oval
HH-3200SMS 3200mm 15-250 2200KVA 1600KW 6500T Diamond, Oval


4000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed 0


Machine Parts:


1.Name: Extrusion Machine




Heating System: electricity heating


Drive Motor: Siemens




2.Name: raw material dosing machine


Weight system: by weight


Hopper : 4 pcs




Feeding Percentage: 1-99%




3.Name: Candle filtration Machine


Model: CPF-PT-3.5C


Filtration Area: 3.5m2


Capacity: 650kgs/h


Filtration Chamber: 2 pcs (switch online)




4.Name: Spinning Pump








Drive Motor:Siemens




5.Name:Spinning beam




Heating System:Oil/Electricity Heating


Distribution Design: big hanger type






Spinneret width: 256mm


Hole size: 0.45mm


Hole Qty:12350-24500pcs


Material: SUS431




7.Name:upper/down drafting unit


Effective Width:1600/2400/3200mm


Filament fineness:1.6-2.4 Denier




8.Name: Melt blown spinning beam


Model: 1600/2400/3200mm


Material: SUS630


Spinneret Hole:0.32-0.35mm


fabric weight:2-200grams




9.Name:Embossing calender machine


Emboss Pattern: ovel/diamond/sesame/dot


Emboss Roll diameter: 450-520mm


Linear pressure: 30-125 N/mm




10.Name:Automatic winding machine


Effective width:1600/2400/3200 mm


Rolling Speed:200-400M/Minute


Rolling Diameter:2000 mm


Original: CHINA


11.Name:Automatic slitting machine


Speed:600-800 M/Minute


Min. Slitting width:80mm


Max. Rolling size:1500mm diameter


Auto tensile control:online


Auto meter counting:online




12.Name:Production line control cabinet


Voltage: 380 V/3 Phase


Touch Screen:Siemens


PLC: Siemens




Indicator: RKC,JAPAN





Model Effective Width Weight Range Output per day Machine speed Tranformer Power consumption Machine Size
HHM-1.6SMMS 1.6M 9-100G/M2 7-12Ton ≦450m/min ≈1500KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 55M*20M*12M
HHM-2.4SMMS 2.4M 9-100G/M2 10-18Ton ≦450m/min ≈1600KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 55M*23M*12M
HHM-3.2SMMS 3.2M 9-100G/M2 14-24Ton ≦450m/min ≈2200KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 55M*25M*12M
HHM-4.0SMMS 4.0M 9-100G/M2 17-30Ton ≦450m/min ≈2500KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 55M*28M*12M
HHM-4.8SMMS 4.8M 9-100G/M2 23-36Ton ≦450m/min ≈200+630KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 55M*31M*12M


Process speed 9-550 M/MIN
Model HHM-PP 1600
Capacity 6-10T / Day (calculation basd on fabric 15 gsm , width at 1600 mm)
Filament Denier SPunbond :1.5~2.5D Meltblown:1.6~4um
Fabric weight 10~100gsm

Total installed



Actual Power

Consumption(KW) SMS




Circulation Water(m3/H) 120
Circulatin water(m3/H) 120
Raw Material

100%polypropylene Granuyle GRade MFI 25-40 For spunbond

MFI 800~1600 For Melt Blown

Molecule uniformity


Melting Point (℃)  
ASH < 0.15-0.25%
Plant Size 35m*18m*12m
Labor Requirement 7 Worker per shift ,2 shifts per 24 hours , totally 14 workers .


SMS nonwoven fabric


G / ㎡ 17 30 60
MD N / 5 cm ≧23 ≧40 ≧81
CD N / 5 cm ≧11 ≧22 ≧45
MD Elongatin % ≧30 ≧30 ≧30
CD Elongatin % ≧30 ≧30 ≧30
Hydro-static pressure resistance mm H2o ≧110 ≧200 ≧300


SMS Model

Effective Width


Raw Material

GSM Range


Max Speed


Annual Capacity

(Ton / year )

Daily Capacity

( Ton / day )

1600mm Polypropylene(PP)



350 3200T 9T  
2400mm 5100T 14T  
3200mm 7000T 19T  
4000mm 8700T 24T  


SMMS Model

Working width Fabric Power input Consumption Annual output/Year
1600mm 9-100G/㎡ ≈1500KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 4000T
2400mm 9-100G/㎡ ≈1600KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 6200T
3200mm 9-100G/㎡ ≈2200KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 8400T
4000mm 9-100G/㎡ ≈2500KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 10500T
4800mm 9-100G/㎡ ≈2630KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 12700T



Spunmelt Composite Nonwovens Mainly Applications
Nonwoven Medical Product Surgical drapes ,Surgeon’s mask ,etc .
Nonwoven Hygiene Product Baby and adult diapers
Work protection product Protctive clothing , breathing masks
Nonwoven Filtration product Protective clothing , breathing masks


Parts of spunbonded nonwoven fabric production line:


Recycle extrude→Main extruder→Filter→Metering pump→Monomer suction device→spinning box( Changzhou/ENKA/KASEN spinneret )→Quenching air chamber→stretching device→Web former→Calender→Winder→Slitter


Spunbonded process and technical flow chart:


Additive(Recycling off-cut fabric)→Raw material→Melting→Filtering→Measuring→Spinning→Cooling→Stretching→Web forming→Calendering→Winding→Cutting→Final product


Parts of Melt blown nonwoven fabric production line:


Main extruder→filter→Metering pump→Air heating system→Melt blown sprayer (ENKA sprayer)→Web former→Winder→Slitter


Melt blown process and technical flow chart:


Raw material →Melting→Filtering→Measureing→Air heating→Spraying→Web forming→Winding→Cutting→Final product


4000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed 1



Manin parts of SMS system


4000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed 2

Maximum temperature 300 ℃
Max. Output 200 kg / h
Heating zone 8 tod
Perforated length 3,350 mm
HPI 40
Number of holes 5,276
1 Set L/D 10
Capillary diameter 0.3mm
Capillary length 3,600mm


4000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed 3


winder & Winder The main function for a large package of cloth cutting according to customer specifications, to meet the customer's length, width, volume weight requirements. machine is used to have made the non woven finished products into the packaging equipment .

4000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed 4


Two cooling blower for each other pressure gauges, pressure switches, air channel transfer baffles, air oil and water filter separators, cooling fan control cabinet and so on. Two cooling fans share a control cabinet to automatically control the start and stop of the two typhoon machines. The cooling wind can be taken directly from the air or from the outlet of the fan.



Precisely CNC center make sure machine parts meet customer request .


4000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed 54000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed 6



Exhibition Show


4000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed 7


4000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed 8


Packing & shipping


eletrical parts , small machine parts put in wooden or carton box , eaach box nembered . 

huge machine with PE film wrapping several turns fixed in container keep cargo safe.


4000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed 9


4000mm 4800mm PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line High Speed 10



Our service


Pre-sale Service

Employees have a special sense of responsibility and excellent teamwork spirit, so the machine adopts unique and outstanding components, which meet the highest standards of the nonwoven industry.
With the support of modern technology, to provide all customers with the best solution machinery Claim.
7.After-sales Service
Our customer service can answer inquiries.
We only believe that: the best machine with innovative ideas and high-quality after-sales service: "will meet your special requirements."

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