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China PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line manufacturer

1600mm 2400mm Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Chuzhou China
Brand Name: Chuzhou HH non-woven
Certification: CE
Model Number: HH Meltblown
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden box packaged , machine wrapping with PE film keep cargo safe
Delivery Time: 90 - 150 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: For detailed talk

Detail Information

Description: 1600 Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Machine Main Parts: PLC ,bearing , Motor , Gear Box
Key Selling: Sustainable Widths: 1600 2400 Mm
Gsm: 15 25 35 60 100 200 G Final Product: Melt Blown Fabric Roll
Package: Wooden Box In Container Condition: New
High Light:

2400mm meltblown nonwoven machine


1600mm meltblown nonwoven machine


1600mm sms non woven fabric making machine

Product Description

1600mm 2400 mm reliable high capacity meltblown melt blown nonwoven fabric making machine


Product Introduction


Melt-blown PP melt-blown machine based on synthetic polymers as raw material, after melt spinning directly into the net, with unique properties of melt-blown nonwoven fabric.
Melt-blown cloth is the core material of mask. Melt-blown cloth is mainly polypropylene as the main raw material, fiber diameter up to 1 ~ 5 microns. It can be used in air, liquid filter material, insulation material, adsorption material, mask material, heat insulation material, oil absorption material and wiper and other fields.
Technical parameters
Applicable raw material: polypropylene
Product width: 1600mm- 3200mm
Product weight: 10-300g/m2
Fiber diameter: 1-5um.
Daily output: 2000kg-5000kg
Daily power consumption: 800KW*24 hours
Production line volume: the volume of a single production line is about 18m long, 13m wide and 10m high.


Machine size 1600mm 2400mm
Product width    
Output 2000-3000KG/day(24hour) 3000-4000KG/24hour
Filament number 2-8μm 2-8μm
Weight 20-300g/² 20-300g/²
Line speed 20-70m/min 50-70m/min


Product Description

Non Woven Fabric made by the fiber orientation , constitute the new generation of environmentally friendmaterials , character with a moisture-proof , breathable , flexible , light-weight , non-combustion , easilybiodegradable , non-toxic non-irritating , colorful , inexpensive , can be recycled and so on . Such as multi-use ofpolypropylene ( pp materiall granules as raw materials , high temperature melting , spinning , shop classes , one -step production from continuous hot coiling . Because of the appearance of a cloth and some performance calledloth . The material placed in the indoor life of up to five years , placed outside the natural decomposition ninetydays , and without any remaining material so as not to pollute the environment , protection of the Earth is internationally recognized as one of eco-environmental products Its main purpose use as following ( 1 ) Medical , Health and non-woven fabrics : surgical gowns , protective clothing , disinfection package clothmasks , diapers , civilian cloths , wipes , wet towel , magic towel , Counting Towel Roll , beauty products , sanitarynapkins , health care pads , and disposable sanitary cloth , etc (2)The Court of decorative woven : stick wall covering , table cloth , bed sheets , bedspreads , etc ( 3 ) non-woven garments : lining , interlining , flakes , stereotypes of cotton , synthetic leather base cloth , etc ( 4 ) non-woven fabrics for industrial use ; waterproofing membrane and asphalt shingle roofing substrateand enhance materials , polishing materials , filter materials , insulation materials , Sacks for packing cementgeotextiles , coated cloth (5) Non-woven fabrics used in agriculture : crop protection cloth , cloth seedlings , irrigation cloth , incurtains , etc ( 6 ) Other non-woven fabrics : cotton , space , noise insulation materials absorption felt , cigarette filters , bagstea bags , shoes , etc According of the current market demand , HH nonwoven limited developed a variety of non -woven fabric production equipment and bag making machines , printing pretc , with advantage designconcept , high degree of automation such as Mitsbushi PLC and touch screen control , And our company can dothe machine according customer needs to do OEM , ODM products



1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 0


HHM-2400 Melt Blown line data

Effective Width 2400mm
Weight Range 15-300 g / ㎡
Out put day 3 - 4 ton
Machine speed 10-70 m/ min
Transformer ≈ 800 KVA
Power consumption 3000º - 3500º / ton
Machine Size 18 *11 *10 M

HHM Melt Blown line catalog

Effective Width 1.6 M 2.4 M 3.2 M
Weight Range 18-300 G/㎡ 18-300 G/㎡ 18-300 G/㎡
Out put day 2-3 Ton 3-4 Ton 4.5-5 Ton
Machine Speed ≦40 m/min ≦40 m/min ≦40 m/min
Power Consumption 3000º-3500º/Ton 3000º-3500º/Ton 3000º-3500º/Ton
Machine Size(L*W*H) 18M*10M*10M 18M*11M*10M 18M*13M*10M


Meltblown Nonwovens Mainly Applications
Nonwoven Sanitary product Female hygiene,child and baby hygiene,Incontinence products,pads ,Absorbing pads ,Functional inserts for controlled absorption
Nonwoven Absorbents product Absorbent cloths and wiping cloths,liquids (benzene,water ,blood),Media for oil absorption
Nonwoven Filtration Product Air ,Gas,liquids(benzene,water,blood),etc.


Meltblown Nonwoven Production Line Specifications
Item Specifications
Type MB1600,MB2400,MB3200
Product width 1600mm,2400mm,3200mm
Output 80kg/ hour,150kg/hour,200kg/hour
Filament denier 2~5 Micron
GSM range 8-300gsm
Machine speed 80m/min
About Average Power Consumption 1500~2000kw·h/t (Related with production Specification)
Installed capacity 400KW
Main raw material Polypropylene chip (PP)
MFI 400~1500 MFI(230°C)≥25g/10min
400~1500 MFI(230℃)≥25g/10min
Consumption of Raw Materials 0.20%
Product Quality Standard Follow up the National and trade standard of Spunbond non-woven
Machine size 18m*8m*12m

Non woven meltblown making machine show





1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 1


Product Name Spunbond non-woven production line Technology Rhine ,Germany
Type M,S,SS,SSS,SMS,SSMS,SSMMS Spinneret Size 0.45mm,10500 holes
Lead Time 90 - 108 days Trade type Manufacturer
Payment 15% deposit 80% before shipping 5 % after line running Perfomance 3 - 25 tons / day
Location Chuzhou city Anhui province , China Warranty 1 year
Near sea port Nanjing / Shanghai SIZE 1600 - 4800 mm


Model Effective width Daily capacity Speed Spinning system GSM Range Machine dimension
HH-1600M 1600MM 2000Kg 70M/Min Meltblown 15-300 18*10*10 meter
HH-2400M 2400MM 3000Kg       18*11*10 meter
HH-3200M 3200MM 4500Kg       18*13*10 meter
HH-1600S 1600MM 5000Kg 150M/Min



9-250 18*8*12 meter
HH-2400S 2400MM 7000Kg       18*10*12 meter
HH-3200S 3200MM 10000Kg       18*15*12 meter
HH-1600SS 1600MM 9000Kg 350M/Min



8-150 45*15*12 meter
HH-2400SS 2400MM 13000Kg       45*18*12 meter
HH-3200SS 3200MM 16000Kg       45*20*12 meter
HH-1600SSS 1600MM 12000Kg 550M/Min



9-120 50*15*12 meter
HH-2400SSS 2400MM 16000Kg       50*18*12 meter
HH-3200SSS 3200MM 24000Kg       50*20*12 meter
HH-1600SMS 1600MM 10000Kg 350M/Min




9-100 45*20*12 meter
HH-2400SMS 2400MM 14000Kg       45*23*12 meter
HH-3200SMS 3200MM 18000Kg       45*25*12 meter
HH-1600SMMS 1600MM 12000Kg 450M/Min





9-100 55*20*12 meter
HH-2400SMMS 2400MM 17000Kg       55*23*12 meter
HH-3200SMMS 3200MM 23000Kg       55*25*12 meter


Melt blown process and technical flow chart:


Raw material →Melting→Filtering→Measureing→Air heating→Spraying→Web forming→Winding→Cutting→Final product


1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 2


Meltblown non-woven fabric production line components:


Screw extruder---->filter---->metering pump---->heating system---->melt blown box (Kasen)---->netting machine---- >Rewind


1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 3


Raw Material Dosing Machine

Weight system: by weight; Hopper : 4 pcs; Accuracy:0.01%; Feeding Percentage: 1-99%; Original:USA/ITALY;


Extrusion Machine

Aperture:90 300kg/h 1pc;

Heating System: electricity heating; Drive Motor: Siemens; Original:CHINA;


1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 4


Two cooling blower for each other pressure gauges, pressure switches, air channel transfer baffles, air oil and water filter separators, cooling fan control cabinet and so on. Two cooling fans share a control cabinet to automatically control the start and stop of the two typhoon machines. The cooling wind can be taken directly from the air or from the outlet of the fan.


1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 5


Meltblown die head assembly

maximum temperature: 300.;


Heating zone:8tod;

Perforated length:3,350mm;


1 Sets L/D=10; Number of holes:5.276;

Capillary diameter:0.3mm;

Capillary length:3,600mm;


1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 6


Meltblown heater

Melting injection cloth heater is an electric heating device installed in a tube insulation container to heat gas and liquid.Melting-blown cloth heater has fast heating speed, good insulation performance and high heating temperature.


1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 7


Production Line Control Cabinet

Voltage: 380 V/3 Phase; Touch Screen:Siemens; PLC: Siemens; Frequency:Siemens; Indicator: RKC,JAPAN; Original:CHINA;



High Precisely CNC center hold machining parts beyond customer request .


1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 8



1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 9


Exhibition show with customer


1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 10


1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 11


Packaging Details

Main machine parts will be packed with wooden cases.Electrical parts will be packed with plastic and then packed into wooden cases.For the steel structure they will be packed in bulk into containers.


1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 12



1600mm 2400mm  Meltblown Melt Blown Reliable High Capacity 13


How to start the Nonwoven fabric manufacturing business ?


All potential buyers should check below factors if you want to produce nonwoven fabrics .

  • Enough project investment : This nonwoven fabric machine cost $200000 to $5000000 Ave.
  • Workshop space for nonwoven fabric machine 200 -500 ㎡,space length 30 meter , width 10 -20 meter , height 11 meter
  • Nonwoven fabric machine operation team 4 - 6 workers
  • Polypropylene raw material and additives 5 tons each day .
  • Stable electricity supply system 380 V.

Our service


1.Pre-sale Service

Employees have a special sense of responsibility and excellent teamwork spirit, so the machine adopts unique and outstanding components, which meet the highest standards of the nonwoven industry.
With the support of modern technology, to provide all customers with the best solution machinery Claim.


2.After-sales Service

Our customer service can answer inquiries.
We only believe that: the best machine with innovative ideas and high-quality after-sales service: "will meet your special requirements."


We Believe that only :Best Quality Machine With Innovative Ideas and Excellent After-sale Service:"shall meet your special requirements.

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