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China PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line manufacturer

SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Chuzhou China
Brand Name: Chuzhou HH non-woven
Certification: CE
Model Number: smms
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: components wood box packaged , machine wrapping with PE film keep cargo safe
Delivery Time: 90 - 150 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 3 line / months

Detail Information

Product: Smms Non Woven Fabric Production Line Advantage: Composite Non Woven Production Line
GSM: 100 G Applicatin: Doctor Gown , Protect Cloths ,hygiene
Speed: 450 M / Min Capacity: 12 Ton / Days
Certificate: CE Place Original: China
High Light:

PP Non Woven Fabric Production Line


SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line

Product Description


Cheap lower investment PP SMMS Nonwoven Fabric Making Machine non woven fabric production line


What is SMM nonwovens
It belongs to composite non-woven fabric, which is a spunbonded and melt blown composite product;
SMS is an extension of non-woven fabric.
Fabric properties
Non toxic, tasteless and antibacterial. Through the special treatment of the equipment, the performance of anti-static, anti alcohol, anti plasma, water and water production can be achieved.
Non woven features: durable, disposable. Insulated, conductive. Soft and strict. Fineness and scalability. Isotropic, anisotropic filtration, breathable, impermeable. Flexibility, stiffness. Light, loose, warm. It is as thin as a cicada's wings and as thick as felt. Waterproof and moisture permeable. Ironing, stitching, shaping. Flame retardant and antistatic. Water permeability, waterproof, wear resistance and fuzzing resistance. Good wrinkle resistance, good elasticity, good moisture absorption and good water repellency.
SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 0


HHM SMMS Fabric production line catalog


Model Effective Width Weight Range Output per day Machine speed Tranformer Power consumption Machine Size
HHM-1.6SMMS 1.6M 9-100G/M2 7-12Ton ≦450m/min ≈1500KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 55M*20M*12M
HHM-2.4SMMS 2.4M 9-100G/M2 10-18Ton ≦450m/min ≈1600KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 55M*23M*12M
HHM-3.2SMMS 3.2M 9-100G/M2 14-24Ton ≦450m/min ≈2200KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 55M*25M*12M
HHM-4.0SMMS 4.0M 9-100G/M2 17-30Ton ≦450m/min ≈2500KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 55M*28M*12M
HHM-4.8SMMS 4.8M 9-100G/M2 23-36Ton ≦450m/min ≈200+630KVA 1700º-1900º/Ton 55M*31M*12M



SMS/SMMS/SSMS/SSMMS Model(Filtration Material, Baby Diaper ,Medical Products)

Working width Fabric Consumption Annual output/Year
1600mm 15-250G/㎡ 400KW 3200T
2400mm 15-250G/㎡ 600KW 5100T
3200mm 15-250G/㎡ 800KW 7000T
4000mm 15-250G/㎡ 1000KW 8700T
4800mm 15-250G/㎡ 1200KW 10500T


finished fabric sample

SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 1


Parts of spunbonded nonwoven fabric production line:


Recycle extrude→Main extruder→Filter→Metering pump→Monomer suction device→spinning box( Changzhou/ENKA/KASEN spinneret )→Quenching air chamber→stretching device→Web former→Calender→Winder→Slitter

Spunbonded process and technical flow chart:

Additive(Recycling off-cut fabric)→Raw material→Melting→Filtering→Measuring→Spinning→Cooling→Stretching→Web forming→Calendering→Winding→Cutting→Final product


Parts of Melt blown nonwoven fabric production line:


Main extruder→filter→Metering pump→Air heating system→Melt blown sprayer (ENKA sprayer)→Web former→Winder→Slitter


Melt blown process and technical flow chart:

Raw material →Melting→Filtering→Measureing→Air heating→Spraying→Web forming→Winding→Cutting→Final product



SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 2



Main Components of SMMS system


Suction amchine and color matching machine are mainly used to extract pp material and its dyeing

Metering pump is used to control the output by calculating the amount of pp material

Screw extruder is to heat PP material and extrude raw material

Spinning box ,is one of most import parts of the non-woven fabric manufacturing machine. PP material through the spinning box is spun into countless strands of silk .

Filter to filter the melted PP raw material and remove impurities

The silk thread is spun through this box to achieve temperature control and constant temperature .

Draft divice , including up draft and down draft .spinning allows the thread to reach the right thickness through preciss drafting devices.

Calandr where the yarn is spun to form the rudiments of nonwoven fabric .the calander is very large .

Winder machine is used to have made the non woven finished products into the packaging equipment .



SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 3



SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 4



SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 5


SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 6


High precisely CNC machine


SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 7

SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 8




SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 9


SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 10



Packing and delivery


The line or components will also be treated according to export standard against damage and rusting before delivery


SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 11


SMMS Non Woven Fabric Production Line 12



Our Service



The seller will send 4-7 engineers to install, test the production line and train customers'
workers in buyers' factory. It will take more than 1 month for the whole installation and
operational training.
The seller should cover engineers' salary and visa cost. And the buyer should pay the bill of
Round air tickets, accommodations and transportation in buyers' country as well as food,
medical care, safety cost, and related cost happened in buyers' country. Also, the buyer
should support enough labor, electric wire near the control panel and tools for installations.


Guarantee period for the delivered equipment will be 12month after installation but not later
than 18months after the date of shipment. In case that any item proved to be defective and
the damage is confirmed by seller's technicians within guarantee period, the seller will
either send engineers to repair or supply a new components for replacement free of charge
on the basis of CNF delivery. Besides, HH nonwoven will offer technical support during guarantee
The above item does not apply to the parts which have regular spares or get damaged from
normal wear, abnormal operation, improper maintenance or inadequate manual works. The
seller is not liable for any machinery production loss under any circumstances.

3. Service procedure during guarantee period:
HH nonwoven provides pre-sales, sales and after sales service, especially one year of free
maintenance warranty.
If there are problems with the machine parts, customer can take pictures and send to us by
email to explain the situation, we will help to solve it on line or by email as soon as possible.
During the guarantee period, any malfunction or difficulty which can not get well done after
communication, the seller will send engineers to buyers' factory for problem solving. The
charge burned by buyers include costs of engineers' transportation and accommodation in
buyers' country and air ticket.

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