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China PP Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line manufacturer

Spinning Nozzle Vacuum Chamber Furnace Stainless Steel 500*1400mm

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Chuzhou
Brand Name: Chuzhou HH non-woven
Certification: CE
Model Number: 1.6s 2.4s 3.4s 4.8s
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD 10,000 set
Packaging Details: plastic film wrapped or wooden box keep cargo safe
Delivery Time: 50 work days
Supply Ability: 1 set 30 days

Detail Information

Cargo Name: Non Woven Vacuum Cleaning Furnace Core Component: PLC Pump
Working: 1 - 600 º Capacity: 1 T - 50 T
Power: 20 -2500 Kw Control: Precise Temperature Control
Material: Stainless Steel Condition: New
High Light:

500mm vacuum chamber furnace


1400mm vacuum chamber furnace


500mm horizontal vacuum furnace

Product Description

spinning nozzle cleaning machine fluidized bed vacuum cleaning furnace Vacuum Cleaning Furnace



Professional cleaning spinneret, filter, filter, die head, screw, etc.
1. Clean the ordinary spinning reel. Profiled spinnerets, fine denier boards, component housings, polyester, polypropylene and non-woven fabrics used in chemical fiber cleaning industry.
2. Clean filter element.
3. The principle of using synthetic polymer in vacuum and air isolation, decomposition under high temperature conditions of about 500℃.
The size of the cavity is 500*1400 mm
Part size P170mm*40mm
Protective cover (mm) 600 x 2300
Dimensions (mm) 4950 x 1600 x 2700
Heating power 24Kw
Vacuum pump 2.35 KW
main features
1. The cleaning is fully automatic
2. Accurate temperature control
3. Suitable for all kinds of thermoplastic polymers
4. Short cleaning cycle and low energy consumption
5. Safe and pollution-free


Inner chamber size 500*1400 mm
Parts size P170mm*40mm
Guard(mm) 600*2300
Dimension (mm) 4950*1600*2700
Heating power 24Kw
Vacuum pump 2.35KW


  Inner chamber size Cleaned parts Parts size Quantity of parts
1 500*1400mm spinneerets P170mm*40mm 12pcs
2 P600*1400mm(clean one kind parts at a time ,not all) spinneerets 360*175*75mm 6pcs
spinneerets 360*185*135mm 6pcs
spinneerets 310*120*40mm 6pcs
spinneerets 305*120*25mm 6pcs
Screw P35*960mm 3pcs
3 P550*5000mm Screw P111*4700mm 2pcs


Vacuum cleaning furnace equipment structure


Vacuum cleaning furnace includes vacuum cleaning furnace body, furnace cover and the waste collection system, vacuum system, sealing system, electric heating system controlled by microcomputer, water cooling system and cleaning material loading and unloading system.



The working principle of

The use of chemical fiber polymer in the vacuum state of isolation of air and about 500℃ under the principle of cracking.



Type Model Guard size (mm)
External size (mm)
Power (KW)
Heat/vacuum mercury
Water consumption
(m3 /h)

HHM φ500×600 2000×1800×2100 18/2.2 0.23
HHM φ600×800 2200×2000×2200 21/2.2 0.23
HHM φ800×1000 2600×2300×2500 27/3 0.28
HHM φ1000×1200 2800×2500×2700 32/2.2 0.45

Well type
HHM 1400×400×400 1600×1200×1000 21/2.2 0.28
HHM 2200×600×600 1800×1300×1100 27/3 0.28
HHM 3200×600×600 2100×1500×1300 32/3 0.28
HHM 4000×600×600 2100×1500×1600 36/4 0.45

HHM φ500×600 2000×1000×1300 18/2.2 0.23
HHM φ600×900 2400×1100×1600 21/2.2 0.23
HHM φ800×1100 2600×1200×1800 27/3 0.28
HHM φ1000×1500 2800×1400×2000 32/4 0.45


It has the advantages of low pollution to the environment, clean surface of the cleaning spinneret board, smooth hole, and can prolong the service life of the spinneret board and short working time, energy saving, simple operation, good cleaning effect, high degree of automation.


Apply to industry


The vacuum cleaning furnace is used to clean the common spinnerets, special-shaped spinnerets, fine denier spinnerets and component shells in polyester, polypropylene and non-woven industries of chemical fiber industry, as well as filter elements.





Spinning Nozzle Vacuum Chamber Furnace Stainless Steel 500*1400mm 0

Spinning Nozzle Vacuum Chamber Furnace Stainless Steel 500*1400mm 1

Spinning Nozzle Vacuum Chamber Furnace Stainless Steel 500*1400mm 2


Spinning Nozzle Vacuum Chamber Furnace Stainless Steel 500*1400mm 3Spinning Nozzle Vacuum Chamber Furnace Stainless Steel 500*1400mm 4


Spinning Nozzle Vacuum Chamber Furnace Stainless Steel 500*1400mm 5


Spinning Nozzle Vacuum Chamber Furnace Stainless Steel 500*1400mm 6


Spinning Nozzle Vacuum Chamber Furnace Stainless Steel 500*1400mm 7

Spinning Nozzle Vacuum Chamber Furnace Stainless Steel 500*1400mm 8



1. Q:How long will your engineer reach our factory?

A:Within one week after everything ready (machine arrival your factory, non woven material, power source, air compressor etc.Prepared)

2. Q:Does your engineer understand English?

A:Our engineers understand a little English. All our engineers have more than five years machine installation experience.

3. Q:What should we charge for your engineer?

A:You should charge for the cost of our engineer's air tickets, hotel, food, and also their salary 800CNY one day per person.

4. Q:How many days it will take for the intallation?

A: It will take around 45 days, depends on the machine type.

5. Q:How do we solve the machine problem after your engineer leaving?

A:Generally speaking, there will be no problem after finishing installation. In case you have any problem, you can contact our sales at any time. Our engineers will take a solution video according your description.

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